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Jan 2021 New Moon in Capricorn: In the Jaws of the Bear

Updated: Jan 28

New Moon: Sun, Moon conjunct Pluto, * Neptune, ∆ Vesta, Sedna & Eris. Gate 61 in Human Design (iChing) Jan 13 2021 12:01am EST

Finding oneself caught in the jaws of the bear. Tight, Feeling like there’s no way to get free. Under peril; the cycles of destiny bringing us to this moment- again and again. What are your intentions? What is your inner truth? Something implicit that needs to consciously be made explicitly known…What can you deliberately choose in thought, word and deed while being pinned in the jaws of our collective destiny? So much noise right now, look to the motivations. Discern the intentions behind all the characters at play. Look to both the micro and macro planes. Ask yourself what is your source? Who or what whispers in your ear? What is the source that feeds what you believe to be true? What spells are being cast by the players on your stage, in your personal theatre?

Denying this is who you are, who we are closes the door on introspection, shadow work and opportunities for healing. If this isn’t who we are, then who are we? Who are you? Cultivating freedom and joy is part of the challenge while the storm rages and the systems of oppression seek to continue binding. What paths are there to joy at this moment in time while responsibly acknowledging what is. Where is home in the midst of the storm with worlds being torn down? Where is your inner home? A challenge to be still in the midst of the chaos, to cultivate this oasis at seemingly the most inopportune time in time. Cycles and stories are repeating themselves as they always do with everything ever the same and always changing; a reminder there are choices even when caught in the jaws of the bear.

Art: Cathy McClelland

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