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The greatest gift I can offer my clients 
is sacred space where infinite possibilities 
for healing, love & healthy resourcing exist. 
~Nora Cabrera

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About Nora

Shamanic Healer. Constellations Facilitator.

Wanderer of Soul & Consciousness.

Nora's journey into the realm of Spirit work commenced during her formative years, evolving into a profound calling towards shamanic healing in her mid-20s by revered Native American chief from New Mexico.


Over nearly four decades, Nora has passionately pursued diverse disciplines, honing her expertise in Black Hat Sect Feng Shui, Integrative Nutrition, Astrology, Human Design, and the transformative insights of the Gene Keys. Her commitment led her through a rigorous four-year shamanic training, while her exploration of Family Constellations extended across multiple years under various teachers in the Knowing Field. And in recent years, Nora's focus has been deeply entrenched in IoPT training.


Grateful for the lineage of her Indigenous American maternal and European paternal ancestry, she regards her healed and compassionate Ancestors as the guiding forces behind her capacity to serve as a vessel for this sacred work.


Nora's educational journey stands as a testament to her ceaseless pursuit of knowledge and her profound respect for the spiritual traditions that have shaped her path. Her studies are an ongoing pilgrimage, a testament to her commitment to evolving her craft indefinitely.

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Nora Cabrera

Shamanic Healer Nora Cabrera

"When we become the hollow bone there is no limit to what the Higher Power can do in and through us in spiritual things."

Frank Fools Crow

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Work with Nora

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