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The Healing Path



This works offers an opportunity for you to work one on one with your family system. Oftentimes in our lives there are unconscious family dynamics at play that affect our health, relationships, successes and finances. These hidden dynamics can be with current living relatives as well as relatives who have passed on and are now ancestors. Sometimes these dynamics may even be connected to ancestors going back several generations. 

This works allows you to free yourself from powerful unconscious entanglements with your family and to bring wholeness & healing to yourself as well as your family system. 



2.5+ hrs


Shamanic Healing Astrology Family Constellations


USD 450

This work aims to bring forth more aspects of the authentic, fully expressed nature of the individual: the true Self. This is done by healing entanglements and responses to trauma events that have resulted in soul fracturing and loss. Work may include: soul retrieval, extraction, depossession, etc.

This session includes a preparation call and the healing work. This work takes place over 2-3 weeks. This is not a "session" in the traditional sense but a deep journey.

Please email Nora directly if interested in this service. Prerequisites: 1-2 Family Constellations sessions w/ Nora or another FC facilitator. 


6 hrs +



USD 260



USD 260

There are unconscious (shadow) expressions of ourselves and energies that you will now have an opportunity bring into the light to work with consciously to communicate with, heal and shift. This powerful work allows for old stories, paradigms and patterns to be fully seen allowing an opening to create new, healthy, empowered personal narratives for yourself.




2.5+ hrs



An invitation to take the next step on your healing path:

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"A true transformation moves the heart as well as the mind and carries us beyond our current understanding of both ourselves and the living world around us."

Michael Meade

Shamanic Healing Astrology Human Design
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