The Healing Path

Shamanic Healing Astrology Family Constellations


USD 79

We are often gifted dreams by our Soul self that we sense deeply are important but find challenging to understand by ourselves. What are the meanings & messages of the people, actions and symbols in your dream?This session work opens you up to connecting with your dream consciously to allow its message and medicine to unfold and express itself for your healing & growth.

“The more you work with your dreams and your unconscious, and honor it, the more you understand it and it understands you. When you develop a relationship with your psyche this way, you begin to carry that energy into life and your relationships.” ~Marion Woodman


This session is 60 minutes


Shamanic Healing Astrology Family Constellations


USD 165

This sacred healing work aims to bring forth again the true, fully expressed nature of the individual by healing entanglements and responses to trauma events.  A reconnecting of the individual on multiple levels back to the greater Universe and Cosmos also occurs, weaving together both seen and unseen threads. This healing and reconnecting is a restitching of the individual on the energetic and soul levels. With intentioned and focused potency the threads of the here and now along with the infinite, loving Universe are rewoven for the client.

This session includes a pre-call, the healing work, & a post session call for virtual session. .




USD 165

This works offers an opportunity for you to work one on one with your family system. Oftentimes in our lives there are unconscious family dynamics at play that affect our health, relationships, successes and finances. These hidden dynamics can be with current living relatives as well as relatives who have passed on and are now ancestors. Sometimes these dynamics may even be connected to ancestors going back several generations. 

This works allows you to free yourself from powerful unconscious entanglements with your family and to bring wholeness & healing to yourself as well as your family system. 



This session is 90 minutes


Astrology Human Design Shamanic Healing



USD 495


A profound dive into the specific collective and personal archetypal energies that were active at the time you were born, using both your natal astrological chart and your Human Design chart. There are unconscious (shadow) expressions of these energies that you will now have an opportunity bring into the light to work with consciously and release. This work allows for old stories, paradigms and patterns to fall away with an opening to create new, healthy, empowered personal narratives for yourself as you move forward with your healing on your life's path.


This session also includes a shamanic healing session.


This Healing Journey is 6 hours: 4 hrs for the astro/HD component & 2 hrs for the Shamanic Healing work



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"A true transformation moves the heart as well as the mind and carries us beyond our current understanding of both ourselves and the living world around us."

Michael Meade

Shamanic Healing Astrology Human Design