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Constellations Work

A 2-3 hour session to connect with the Knowing Field, be willing to see

the unseen & bring healing to one's heart, mind and soul

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Work one on one with your family system. Oftentimes in our lives there are unconscious family dynamics at play that affect our health, relationships, successes and finances. These hidden dynamics can be with current living relatives as well as relatives who have passed on and are now ancestors. This works allows you

to free yourself. Stories that we are familiar with are oftentimes only half the story. The stories that are buried, forgotten and suppressed are the ones that we unconsciously carry the weight of in our lives and choices unknowingly until we bring them into the Field and acknowledge them.

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Personal Astrology

Have your had astrology sessions and still struggle to understand your natal positions and aspects? Perhaps there is a current transit that is frustrating you? This session offers you a unique and profound opportunity to meet your planets in the field of your chart. A unique service not offered anywhere else at this time. *This is for clients who are very familiar with their chart, have had more than one astrology reading & are looking for a deeper connection/understanding with their planets/aspects. 

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Constellation of
The Self

Who Am I? There are unconscious (shadow) expressions of ourselves and energies that you will have an opportunity to meet in the Knowing Field to work with consciously to see, communicate with, and shift. This powerful work allows for old stories, paradigms and patterns to be fully seen allowing an opening to create new, healthy, empowered personal narratives for yourself. We will work with a short statement of intention or affirmation. Examples can include statements like: 

I want ______

_______ comes to me 

I _______

Grief Tending 

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“I know why we try to keep the dead alive: we try to keep them alive in order to keep them with us.” ~ Joan Didion

Are you struggling with the loss of a loved one? We have so very few options in our modern society to continue to move through the waters of sorrow when we lose someone we love. This Constellation work opens a sacred space in which to meet and express your grief. And perhaps in this sacred meeting space we call the Knowing Field, something new can flow from the expression of your grief and the love you have for them...

Shamanic Healing 

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This offering is for those interested in an in depth Shamanic healing journey over the course of 3-4 weeks. Dream work, altar building, two 1 on 1 calls and shamanic work will all be part of this experience. Please book the info call with Nora to learn more & discuss if this is the right option for you.

An invitation to take the next step on your healing path

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"A true transformation moves the heart as well as the mind and carries us beyond our current understanding of both ourselves and the living world around us."

Michael Meade

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