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What is Family Constellations

Multicolor human figured in a circle surrounding a star

Family and Systemic Constellations is a process that brings to light unconscious entanglements, loyalties and feelings that we may be carrying that belonged to those who came before us in our family system/ancestral lineages. Once these are made conscious, there is an opening to bring things into harmony and the right orders of love.

Family Constellations work brings about an opportunity for deep generational healing. As we learn more about trauma and epigenetics, we recognize that trauma if not resolved, is passed down to family members in future generations as well as the discordant patterns that keep repeating. Constellations bear witness to what is unresolved and usually deeply unconscious and allows for the client and their family system to move towards reconnection and wholeness.

Bert Hellinger is the modern founder of Family Constellations as we know and use it today. He was deeply influenced by the Zulu community & culture when he lived amongst them as a missionary for 16 years. I honor all the Ancestors as principal guides in this sacred work.

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